A downloadable game for Windows

You are the developer of Youtube, to keep everyone on you constantly update your page! Famous Youtubers will become more noticeable.

Feel free to do videos and upload them.

Updates are Coming!

If you get a message saying, Achievements.name of achievement(true);

don't worry it means you just unlocked an achievement!



1. Html Hacker

2. CSS Hacker

3. Javascript Hacker


Computer Crash

More Coming Soon...

Hacker Effect:

Html Hacker:

Removes all html files.

CSS Hacker:

Removes all css files.

JavaScript Hacker:

Removes all javascript files.

Network Effect:

Earn Random amounts of money.

Computer Crash:

lose a random amount of files.

Install instructions

1. Download file

2. Open and install file

3. Have Fun!


Youtube Tycoon Beta 0.7.0.exe 4 MB